Characterised by its rosy cheeks, abnormally huge head, and stick-like limbs, Quby has become one of the most famous characters in China

Quby is here!

A new hero has emerged, bearing the name "Quby". This token is not just any ordinary cryptocurrency, for it honors one of the most revered and beloved characters of Chinese legendry - a creature both cute and powerful, known for its ability to bring good fortune to all who lay eyes upon it. Quby's emergence is nothing short of magical, Quby is poised to capture the hearts and minds of all who seek prosperity and fortune in the digital age.






Our Strategy & Project Plan

Phase 1

 • Contract Deployment

 • Website v1 launch

 • Lock the Liquidity Pool

 • Social Media Launch

 • Community Competitions

Phase 2

 • Post-launch CT - TG Marketing

 • Partnerships

 • QubyDAO

 • WhitePaper v1

 • Website Redesign

 • Add and burn more LP

 • NFTs Deployment

 • CoinGecko Listing

 • CoinMarketCap Listing

Phase 3

 • Audit of Contract

 • CEX listings 

 • International Marketing

 • Viral

 • Much more to be disclosed

The Quby token roadmap for this year focuses on offering an ecosystem and strong community. The team’s main goal is to create a trustworthy and easy-to-use platform, encouraging community participation and involvement.

Connect With Us

Quby has an ever growing community that we would love you to be a part of. Be sure to join our amazing community to keep up-to-date and find out how you can get involved.

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